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HeadMatcher prides itself on completing the search assignments for niche, difficult to hire, priority or replacement positions that are costing your company money while vacant within 90 days for a flat rate.

The HeadMatcher Flat Rate Search and Recruitment Solution ensures we are a financially unbiased consultant to introduce the most qualified people exclusively to your company and complete the professional interview and confidential hiring process within 90 days for a flat rate.

We guarantee the domestic and/or international search and introduction of prospective, qualified candidates continues until the search assignment is completed with a warranted HeadMatcher candidate hire within 90 days for a flat rate.

We retain prospective candidates exclusively for your consideration during the position search assignment.

We also provide free cost assessments to relocate finalist candidates (if necessary) and consult your company before a verbal or final offer letter is drafted to ensure the offer your company presents will be accepted.

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Completed Searches

Clients 10-1-14

Computer Software industry:

Red Giant Software
Studios Product Manager, San Francisco, California/Work from home  (Hired in 45 days)
Software Engineer, Work from home   (Hired in 90 days)
Online Marketing Manager, Portland, Oregon (Hired in 45 days)

Translation and Localization industry:

Linguistic Systems Inc.
 Managing Director, Boston, Massachusetts  & Tokyo, Japan (Hired in 65 days)

Computer Games industry:

Zenimax online

Console, Executive Producer, Hunt Valley, Maryland (Hired in 49 days)

Game Samba

Marketing Director, Everett, Washington (Hired in 43 days)

CCP Games

Technical Director, Atlanta, Georgia (Hired in 180 days)
Engineering Manager, Shanghai, China (Hired in 70 days)

 Senior Vice President Sales, San Francisco, California (Hired in 84 days)
 Channel Marketing Manager, San Francisco, California(Hired in 30 days)
 Director of Sports Marketing, San Francisco, California (Hired in 59 days)
Director of  eCommence, San Francisco, California (Hired in 35 days)
 Senior Director Retail/Shopper Marketing,  San Francisco, California (Hired in 75 days)
 Director Retail Marketing, San Francisco, California (Hired in 73 days)
Director U.S. Licensing,  San Francisco, California (Hired in 30 days)
Senior Manager of National Retail Programs,  San Francisco, California (Hired in 25 days)
Retail Marketing Manager,  San Francisco, California (Hired in 35 days)
Earth Rangers

Game Design Director MMOG, Toronto, Canada (Hired in 40 days)
 Lead Game Systems Designer MMOG, WA (Hired in 32 days)
 Senior Game Systems Designer, WA (Hired in 32 days)
Game Systems Designer MMOG, WA (Hired in 35 days)
Electronic Arts
Senior Vice President of  Sports Marketing, San Francisco, California
Nova Logic, Inc.
Vice President of Marketing, Cypress, California
Namco Bandai Games
 Producer, San Jose, California  (Hired in 40 days)

Construction & Engineering industry:

GDC Construction
Lead Estimator & Project Manager, La Jolla, CA (Hired in 41 days)

E-Learning industry:

Tabula Digita

Vice President of Technology, New York, New York  (Hired in 65 days)
Senior Web & Database Administrator, New York, New York  (Hired in 60 days)
Infrastructure & Scalability Consultant, New York, New York  (Hired in 10 days)

Computer Hardware industry:

North America Sales Director, New York, New York  (Hired in 15 days)

Computer Hardware industry executive search research:

 Vice President, Product Design, Asia Research (45 days)

Healthcare industry:

Blue Shield

Coastal Territory Small Group Sales, CA (Hired in 21 days)
Small Group Sales Representative, CA (Hired in 15 days)
Delta Dental

Sales Account Executive, CA (Hired in 23 days)

Health Net

Research (30 days)

Insurance industry:

Claremont Insurance Services
(3) Broker Service Representatives, Customer Service, CA
(3) Broker Service Representatives, New Groups, CA
Ives Insurance

Consulting industry executive search research:

Mitroff Consulting
Director Sales, New Media Learning, CA (Hired in 30 days)


Marketing & Advertising industry:

Foote Cone & Belding Worldwide
Senior Vice President Group Account Director, Levi Strauss, CA
Landor, Inc.
 Director of Technology, CA
Age Wave
 Account Manager, New York, New York
Grey-Daiko Advertising Japan
 President, Grey Direct, Tokyo,Japan
 Vice President, Controller, Tokyo,Japan
Group Management Supervisor, Tokyo,Japan
Account Planner, Tokyo,Japan

Internet industry:


Vice President Marketing, WA

Alta Vista
 Vice President of Content & Editorial, CA
 Director Merchandising, CA
Netscape, Inc.
 Advertising Manager, CA
 President, CA
Torson Group, Inc.

Legal industry:

Premier Legal Center
 Legal Administrative Assistant

Apparel & Fashion industry:

Levi Strauss & Co.
 President North America

Computer Software industry:

B3, Inc.
 Vice President of  Sales

Financial Services industry:

 Vice President of  Sales, CA

Publishing industry:

 Director Business Development, CA


Nonprofit Organization Management industry:

Sierra Club
 Director of Development

Information Technology & Services industry:

Boston Technology of Japan
Senior Account Manager, Tokyo,Japan
 Field Support Manager, Tokyo,Japan

Telecommunications industry:

D&B Technology Asia
Director of Technology, Tokyo,Japan
Client Server System Engineer, Tokyo,Japan
Northern Telecom Japan

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Tokyo,Japan
Director Information Systems, Tokyo,Japan
Director Sales Meridian & IBDN Commercial Networks, Tokyo,Japan
Manager Sales Technical Support Magellan System Sales, Tokyo,Japan

Cable & Wireless, Japan
 Chief Overseas Accountant, Tokyo,Japan
IBM Service Business, SE Network System, Technical Support
France Telecom Japan
Senior Account Manager, Tokyo,Japan
Newbridge Networks Japan
 Customer Service Engineer, Tokyo,Japan

Technology Design industry:

Nihon Parametric Technology K.K.
 CAD/CAM Application Engineer, Tokyo,Japan

Banking industry:

Union Bank Switzerland
 Secretary to Director Bonds Dept., Tokyo,Japan

Pharmaceutical industry:

Muller & Phipps Japan
 Product Manager, Tokyo,Japan

Chemical industry:

Nihon Firmenich Japan
 Market Development Manager, Tokyo, Japan
 Chemical Applications Technical Manager, Tokyo,Japan